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My name is Izzy! I am 24 and happily married and have two miniature Dachshunds. I have lots of different passions such as Singing, Voice Acting, Gaming, Drawing and Writing. I presently work from home and I love it! I live in the city of my dreams and I love to have fun with my friends!

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Pinkie Plague is a site that is supposed to reignite the obnoxiousness within me to share with the masses...or select few. Haha. I have had sites in the past, but nothing too memorable. Here I will blog and post links to pretty things! :o

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17 April, 2013       ♦

It's been another month so you know that means it's time for another update! Band is working on stuff and looking at studio time! Pulot got the job and is in his third week of training and I am SO proud of him! And right now I am trying to hunt down a good deal on a Macbook Pro. Our apartment is flooding. Lol yay rain. Short blog is short.
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02 March, 2013       ♦

It's another blog from yours truly! I hope everyone has been doing famously. I have been working a lot and selling my soul to World of Warcraft when I finish my shift. Haha. But several updates I suppose. Well my panic disorder is flaring up again rather terribly and every single day I have at least 3-4 attacks. So I am trying to correct that and remain calm. I am fine, I know I am apparently not since I turn into a psychotic, trembling mess every few hours. Which I suppose I should look at as a blessing considering about 3 years ago I was like that 24/7. Been trying to work on improving my skin health and balancing my weight. I dyed my hair purple/pink and then to purple and now I am going to be dying it black for a music video shoot here pretty soon. Yes, look at all the random things I have done to my hair in about 26 days, lol. Nothing much considering the stuff I had been using was vegan and made my hair feel SO soft. And then to top off the hair fun for the music video, it'll be time to get a weave to flesh out my hair, because honestly, my hair is so thin and fine, it's totally needed. Lol.
So I am excited, on the 8th of this month, Rich has a job interview for the very thing I do, working from home! Now for those who care to know, I work for Enterprise and I book car reservations, fun stuff right? But the glorious part about it is that I get to sit at home in my pajamas all day and work. Now granted I have been getting a little bit stir crazy and antsy, but I am hoping that once Pulot gets a job....we'll be able to actually go out and you know DO things. Also random sappy thought; I can't believe I am married. ME! Of all the obnoxious and goofy people, I am married./endrandomthought Well I am going to update more and post some pictures when I find some worthy of posting. So until I return (probably after Pulot's interview next week), Baaaaiiiiiiii!
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02 February, 2013       ♦

Happy Saturday party ponies! :) I figured I would kick off the weekend with some fantastical and magical blogging! So last night it was snowing a lot (which I absolutely LOVE!) and my husband and I went to take the dogs out. Our one dog Mini (pictures I will post later) is so fat that when she waddles through the snow, her belly drags. Thankfully we have sweaters and coats for them or I would feel so bad. I plan on buying them booties at some point so that way they don't freeze their little tootsies off. But Cody (my long haired miniature) was bouncing and shoving his face into the snow. He was so happy. And it was the light fluffy kind too, so perfect for skiing or snowboarding.
Anyway, I am excited. I get to color my hair soon and it's going to be purple and pink! *squeeee* One of the perks of working from home. And I have been collecting ideas for my cosplay on my birthday. So excited that there's an Anime con the weekend of my birthday! :D I am going as Pinkie Pie (like you couldn't see that one coming). Hoping to have all my bestest friends there all dressing up and goofing around with me. I look ever so forward to it. Now to nearer things, my husband and I are doing a less traditional Valentine's Day and going to the tattoo parlor. That should be exciting. I won't say what I am getting, due to I want it to be a surprise! ♥ So good things are happening there. I am saving to buy a new car too. Looking at a Toyota Prius or Toyota Yaris, I know how they drive and I have my fingers crossed we can get one soon. It'll be more of an "us" vehicle since Pulot (husband's nickname) is currently out of commission. We're working on getting everything together.
I will say that living life in the big city is very different than what I am used to back in Michigan. It's definitely louder and more chaotic, but it's what I wanted and I love living out here. I do miss the woods and being in nature though, the nature preserves here are alright but they don't hold a candle to what I am used to. ;) Well I think this is all for right now. I will blog again soon! Have a great weekend everypony! ♥
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01 February, 2013       ♦

Hello everyone! And welcome to my newest blog installment! It has been a very nostalgic road and it pleases me very much to have you all here! First off I want to thank my hostess JenJen for having me and allowing me the opportunity to enjoy blogging and sharing things with everyone! Means a lot and I am truely grateful. I would also like to thank Sam for helping me remember things and getting it off the ground as well. :) Thank goodness for great friends! Well I am going to be tapping into an older part of myself that I feel are the embodiment of myself. So feel free to enjoy that, it does get a little crazy. XD
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